Sen. Kim Jackson Introduces Senate Bill 197

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ATLANTA (March 2, 2021) | Sen. Kim Jackson (D – Stone Mountain) introduced Senate Bill 197 to update Georgia’s stalking statue to ensure that victims of stalking who live with their stalker can receive protection. On Tuesday, March 2, SB 197 passed unanimously out of the Senate Committee on Judiciary.

“Currently, O.C.G.A. § 16-5-90 fails to recognize that stalking usually occurs between former or current partners, and thanks to advances in technology, stalking frequently happens in the home,” said Sen. Jackson. “Studies have shown that 76% of women who are ultimately killed by their former intimate partners report they experienced stalking in the year prior to their death; yet, under current Georgia law, victims of stalking which takes place in the home of the defendant have no means of protection, either civilly and criminally. By updating the stalking statute so that stalking includes the place of residence of the defendant, we will bring Georgia in line with the national standard and protect those at risk.” 

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