Rep. Craig Gordon column: Thank you for the privilege to serve

In The Augusta Chronicle by Maya

Many individuals have tried to describe the events that have unfolded so far this year. The word “unprecedented” has been used in abundance, most likely because we just don’t have the right adjective to describe our current events.

This year will forever be etched in my memory, not only for the circumstances that we are all living through, but because it is my last as a state representative. Friday saw the end of a legislative session that is, well, unprecedented.

The last 14 years have been a remarkable combination of learning and serving, an honor that I will never take for granted. Ironically, I began my term in the Georgia House of Representatives during the Great Recession, and I am leaving during the pandemic of 2020. And although my time in office is bookended by enormously challenging events, I have seen the resiliency of Georgians and am convinced more than ever that we will get through this with characteristic fortitude.

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